Apparelezi ERP system provides accounting, material inventories, quotation and warehouse management into one ERP system.
Apparelezi ERP system brings a solution to increase productivity and efficiency and eliminate redundancy to enable a flexible and dynamic response to current customers and market needs.

Inventory Management

  • Integrated with inventory management to provide, oversee and control the long chain of ordering and optimizing the inventory level with material planning.
  • All information on price, supplier, notes and material detail will instantly be in your hands.

Other Features

  • Structure by web-based
  • Generate two types of reports to Portable Document Format, Excel (.xlsx)
  • All export document processing only requires two tools browser and a third party reader (like Adobe Reader, Microsoft Excel).


  • Users can be defined with access to only certain options using a role based model. Functions which they do not have access to will not be shown.
  • User permission can be authorized to control and limited to some of the categorized and others locations.
  • Main menu is present by the user permission authority, it make some of the options will not provide to the main screen to allow user to access it.