Apparel Production Data (APD) is a tool that help factories increase their productivity and efficiency especially in this very challenging market. All production operators can follow the SAM / SMV to accomplish their task. The operation database will include a step by step instruction on how to complete a garment.
APD allows users to customize the ADD parameter such as machinery allowance, fabric type, stitch per centimeter, etc. The APD does not only consider for hardware but also for ILO allowance like personal fatigue, environment rating, contingency allowance, etc.

Module Feature

  • SAM and SMV can help factories increase productivity and eliminate unnecessary processes.
  • Increase workers efficiency.
  • Improve factory efficiency and categorization of product line.
  • Reduce production cost.
  • Prevent any losses during production activities.

Company Account

USD   3,600.00 ++
Storage 5GB
Machine Setup
ILO Setup
Operation Database
Styling Database
Feature Database
Marco Database

Individual Account

USD   10.00 ++
Machine Setup
ILO Setup
Operation Database
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